Craft Rooms & Hobby Areas

Custom, organized spaces for crafts and hobbies make abundant creativity more fun when it doesn't result in a mess to clean up.

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Create a More Organized Home

Hobbies and leisure-time activities are your reward for working hard. Hobbies provide an outlet for creativity and a relaxing escape from the everyday, work-a-day world. In a busy family, hobbies can take many forms and end up commanding considerable space. No matter how a room is used, between the people and things that pass through it, any room could benefit from an organization and storage design focus to clear away clutter and maximize space.

  • Overhead cabinets are great for organizing supplies.
  • Visual clutter is gone with doors and drawers that hide everything.
  • Lower cabinets or open shelves can hold large individual items or bins for storing small implements.
  • Shelves can create a library section or provide open storage for craft or sewing necessities.
  • An integrated sink makes cleanup quick when it’s time to close up shop for the day.
  • An island or desk countertop design with drawers provides workspace and storage space.
  • Drawers can hold small supplies and tools for artwork, sewing, crafting, or any hobby your family enjoys.
  • Building cabinetry to suit the space with coordinating colors, finishes, and hardware brings a designer look and style to your home.
  • Tuck a Murphy Bed into the cabinetry design and you don’t lose the guest room potential by converting to a craft/hobby room.
  • Convenient storage makes it easy for the kids (of any age) to learn how to be neat and organized.
  • A stairway landing can become an ideal crafters haven with custom cabinets for storage and countertop workspaces.
  • Transform a basement space into a hobby area or create space in the attic or spare room.
Design Details

Make Your Craft Room A Stylish Asset To Your Home

  • Finishes

    We have a range of in-home cabinet finishes from basic white to wood grain. Design your customized closet space to complement your home's style.

  • Styles

    Select the cabinetry style that best fits your décor or create a new and unique closet space with the help of your Tailored Closet designer.

  • Hardware

    Decorative hardware in your favorite styles and colors are the perfect finishing touches to make your customized closet uniquely yours.

  • Accessories

    Our accessories help keep your in-home space organized and efficient. From lighting to hooks, we have the perfect solution for any situation.