Home Organization Systems

Whether you’re looking to organize your home office, pantry, or laundry room, The Tailored Closet can help! With a wide variety of customizable storage solutions, we can solve all your storage and organizational needs to help simplify and beautify your living space.

Craft & Hobby Rooms

Unleash the creativity—and not the mess—with custom workspaces, storage cabinets, and drawers. Perfect for maintaining good housekeeping standards while providing extra storage for all your supplies.

Entryways / Mudrooms

Organize your on-the-go family with a stylish space to keep things in their place. Utilize wall shelves, shoe rack solutions, and bins that act as a sort of storage box to reduce clutter and enhance floor space with extra storage.

Home Offices

Enjoy a custom home office that works for you and sets you up for success! Integrate vertical space solutions like shelf units and drawer organizer options to maximize your storage space.

Laundry Rooms

Take your laundry room from lukewarm to lovely with an innovative storage solution of custom cabinets, countertops, shelving, and storage. Our designs consider both counter space and laundry room functionality to improve your experience.


Everyday meals and entertaining are easier with an organized pantry perfect for you. Equip it with kitchen storage solutions like cabinet space enhancers and storage containers to keep your ingredients and utensils well-arranged and readily accessible.

Murphy Beds

Gain additional sleeping room with a custom Murphy bed that will add style and space to your life, cleverly utilizing unused space and providing living room flexibility.

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