When it comes to home organization solutions, some terms may be unfamiliar to you. Use our glossary to learn about some of the common terms we use to describe our process to better understand the components that factor into your custom home solutions.

General Terms

Our industry experts will meet with you in-home or virtually to discuss your needs and present you with a variety of home storage solutions that fit within your budget.

Designed for efficiency and comfort, typically in a working or home environment.

Attractive or pleasing in appearance.

Designed or developed chiefly from the point of view of use for efficiency and ease.

Climate and humidity can cause certain materials to twist or curve when they were originally flat or straight. We treat our materials to protect them from adhering to this effect.

The finishes and sealants we use help prevent our countertops from separating when placed in humid conditions.

Destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens. All of our countertops have antimicrobial protection built right in.

Intended or suitable for more than one use.

Easily used or accessed by people with disabilities. Learn how we assisted six-time gold medalist Amy Van Dyken.

We realize that businesses may require more robust storage solutions than a typical home, but we also assist businesses in matching storage functionality with beautiful design.

Custom Solutions:
The Tailored Closet uses a unique approach to offer storage components perfect for your specific space and needs.

3-D Rendering:
We use a specific software that will display how your home storage solution will look in your room or home.


Valet Rods:
A small closet accessory functioning as a temporary place to hang clothing, used to make moving clothes on and off of your main closet rod more convenient.

A piece of glass inserted into the center of a door or cabinet.

Cedar Lining:
Cedar wood can be used to repel moths that protect clothes and delicate materials from deterioration.

Drawer Insert:
As the name suggests, drawer inserts are organizers for your drawer to sort and separate the contents.

Divided Shelves:
Are inserts that separate sections of your shelves for organizational and aesthetic purposes.

We offer specific closet accessories that can be pulled out or pushed back in for storing items like scarves, ties and more.

Storage Solutions

We offer a variety of colors, styles and stains for your home storage solutions to match the appearance you have in mind.

Is the top coating of our storage solutions that are antimicrobial, durable and can withstand high temperatures.

Any piece of storage is not complete without a knob, handle or pull that ties the entire piece together. We have a variety of options to choose from for your home storage solutions.

A nitrogen-based compound used to create a number of products including shelving and countertops.

Murphy Bed:
Also known as a wall bed or pull-down bed, it is a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically against the wall to optimize a room’s space.

Is the mechanism that gives the Murphy Bed the functionality to be stored vertically when not being used.

Office Solutions

As the name suggests, this is the area dedicated to whatever work you need to handle. This can be an office setup with a computer desk, filing cabinet, etc or even an area where you craft or assemble items.