Murphy Beds

The Tailored Closet Murphy Bed is the ultimate space saver creating an instant guest room with lasting comfort and style.

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Our Murphy Beds are Out of Sight!

Murphy Beds are also called wall-beds, hideaway, foldaway or pull-down beds. This cabinet style bed is both fun and functional there when you need it and tucked away when you don’t.

  • Turn your seldom-used guest room into a family gym, sewing, craft or media room with a Murphy Bed.
  • Murphy Beds come in twin, full, or queen sizes to accommodate any space constraints.
  • A side-tilt style is an additional option to the standard vertical orientation.
  • A Murphy Cabinet Bed can be a stand-alone storage cabinet, have additional side cabinets, or be integrated into an entire wall of built-in custom cabinets or a home office design.
  • There’s no compromising on comfort; you can use any coil-spring mattress up to 12” thick.
  • The bed folds up with blankets and pillows inside, you don’t have to remake the bed every day.
  • Tiny house living is ideal for incorporating a Murphy Bed so there’s no scrimping on comfort.
  • Convert a loft into a spare bedroom or teen’s room with a custom Murphy Bed.
  • Any room can serve as a guest bedroom with a Murphy Bed tucked away in a beautiful cabinet.
  • A Murphy Bed with storage is durable and stylish enough to be an everyday bed.
  • More comfortable than an air mattress, couch, sleeping bag, or camp cot when company comes. It can be stored in any spare room, like a kids' playroom or home office, that can be converted to a guest room with this space saving furniture option.
  • The patented steel or aluminum bed frames with spring-loaded mechanism ensure smooth and easy opening and closing for years of worry-free operation.
  • Use a Murphy Bed as the second bed in a bedroom where two conventional beds would take up too much space.
  • Integrated into a family room entertainment center or a child’s playroom, the room easily converts to extra sleeping space when needed.
  • Reduce holiday tension knowing you’ll have sleeping space for all your guests.

Making the Most of Your Space

Expecting overnight guests but short on sleeping space? You can rest easy with a Murphy Bed! The Tailored Closet designer can help you find the perfect solution to add style and space to your home.  

  • Available in Twin/Single, Full/Double, and Queen
  • Use any coil-spring mattress up to 10" thick with the Regular Height Legs and up to 12" thick with the Extended Legs.
  • Orientation Styles: Vertical and Side-tilt
  • Aluminum or steel bed frame option
  • The steel bed frame option is reinforced and supported by two lightweight steel stiffeners allowing it to support up to 1700 lbs.
  • Counter balanced spring mechanisms allow for safe and effortless opening and closing.
  • Our rotational leg system allows the two legs to easily rotate into the bed when closed.
  • Reinforced corner brackets connect the railing for added durability 
Design Details

Unlimited Design Potential For The Perfect Murphy Bed

  • Finishes

    We have a range of in-home cabinet finishes from basic white to wood grain. Design your customized closet space to complement your home's style.

  • Styles

    Select the cabinetry style that best fits your décor or create a new and unique closet space with the help of your Tailored Closet designer.

  • Hardware

    Decorative hardware in your favorite styles and colors are the perfect finishing touches to make your customized closet uniquely yours.

  • Accessories

    Our accessories help keep your in-home space organized and efficient. From lighting to hooks, we have the perfect solution for any situation.