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From contemporary to classic, we’ll have you working from home in style and comfort, with a custom office that's just right.

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Business is a Pleasure with a Beautifully Organized Space

Whether conducting business from home or managing the household bills and “life maintenance,” your home office should be a positive and productive space where you feel motivated and empowered. The Tailored Closet  will create a custom home office design that works perfectly for you. With thoughtful design, your home office can accommodate storage, multiple users and all the equipment you need. Custom cabinets, shelving, drawers, bins and desktops all working together to create your beautifully organized life.

  • The Tailored Closet will maximize your home office space by designing workspaces that are ergonomically friendly, taking into account user height, work area needs and accessibility to computers, printers, and other office equipment.
  • Capturing vertical space, custom cabinets and shelves will provide practical space for books, supplies and other work-related items, with space for décor pieces so the office space will reflect your personality.
  • Hanging files, slide-out trash bins, ergonomic keyboards, glass-inset doors, and decorative crown moldings are just some of the options to customize your home office design.
  • You can include an entertainment or media center in the home office storage cabinets that can serve to make daily breaks more interesting with videos, games or music.
  • Enhance natural light with integrated LED lights or add task lights to ensure visibility and comfort for hours of working.
  • Efficient storage solutions will allow you to work effectively and then clear the clutter when the workday is done.
  • Enclosed cabinets can easily conceal unsightly office equipment and electronics, keeping the desktop clear.
  • Convert a portion of a wide hallway or stairwell landing into a small home office with a wall-mounted desktop and upper cabinets for storage.
  • Slatwall panels that match the cabinetry color will blend in and create storage options for keeping necessary tools close at hand without cluttering up the desktop.
  • A shared office can be successful with adequate separate workspaces and individual storage in cabinets and drawers.
  • Office accessories will eliminate clutter and allow each person to customize their own storage to what works best for them.
  • Warm up your home office with favorite art, books, plants, and a pet bed for your best friend to drop in.
Design Details

Your Home Office Should Reflect Your Unique Style

  • Finishes

    We have a range of in-home cabinet finishes from basic white to wood grain. Design your customized closet space to complement your home's style.

  • Styles

    Select the cabinetry style that best fits your décor or create a new and unique closet space with the help of your Tailored Closet designer.

  • Hardware

    Decorative hardware in your favorite styles and colors are the perfect finishing touches to make your customized closet uniquely yours.

  • Accessories

    Our accessories help keep your in-home space organized and efficient. From lighting to hooks, we have the perfect solution for any situation.