Whether you’re renovating, buying a new house, or just looking at changing up the closet, you will want to look into custom closet design in Hendersonville. This is the best way to have the space that you need for your clothing, shoes, and more.

You can’t just go into closet design with a basic idea in mind. It’s important to ensure you use your space wisely and have the right items for all the clothing and needs you have.

Who Are You Sharing a Closet With?

Start with who uses the closet. When it comes to custom closet design in Hendersonville, there are often the needs of multiple people. You’ll want to figure out the best way to split up the closet for everyone’s needs. This doesn’t always mean half and half. Some people will have more clothes than others, and they may require different types of needs.

If you’re not sharing a closet space with anyone else, you have a lot more control. There’s no need to discuss how things will be split. You may need to consider how the closet can work if you do end up moving in with someone and need to share that closet space.

Can You Utilize the Wall Space?

If you have a small closet for your custom closet design in Hendersonville, you’ll want to look for ways to fully utilize the space. This often means using the walls well, and you’ll want to look at getting floor to ceiling shelving units. Remember you’ll still need a space to hang some of your items.

Make the most of shelving dividers. This is the best way to keep everything in your closet organized for when you need specific items.

Should You Limit the Drawers?

We often have drawers to hide some of our “unmentionables,” but you don’t want too many drawers in closet design in Henderson. This can create problems when it comes to managing your shelving space and finding items. Consider having an open plan closet as much as possible. This will make the space seem more open, and it will be much easier to reach for things.

You will still want some drawers for the more private items, though. You may also want a small cupboard for a safe if you have one in the home. The closet is a popular place to put that.

Do You Have Jewelry to Organize?

Your closet design in Henderson will also need to include something for jewelry, makeup, and more. You’ll want a space where you can easily grab items that you want to use for a night. If you have enough space, consider setting up a table so you can do your makeup in the closet with better lighting than the bathroom.

If it’s just about the jewelry, set up a small section where you can place watches, bangles, necklaces, and more. You’ll be able to see them easily so you don’t forget the items that you have, and this will prevent chains from getting tangled.

Take your time with custom closet design in Henderson. You may be surprised by the elements of the design that are forgotten at first.

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