The linen closet is usually small, and there are usually a lot of items that you need to put in. Linen closet organization in St. George is a must. Just where do you start?

We have five tips to get you started. You can build on these if you have more items or as you find some items are used more than others. This is a great starting point for easy use of your linen closet.

Each Rack Has a Purpose

You’ll usually have shelves in your linen closet. If you don’t, you need to add them. Each rack needs it’s own purpose in linen closet organization in St. George. Make sure the items that you use on a regular basis are easy to reach, so that you’re not fighting with everything else. One shelf will be for bed sheets, another shelf will be for towels, another shelf will be for blankets, etc.

Separate the Linen Closet in Two Halves

It could be worth splitting the closet in two. This isn’t a “his and hers” but an “adult and child” split. After all, children’s beds are smaller and their sheets will take up less space. You might as well take advantage of that. Children will easily put their hands on their own sheets and towels when they need them.

Stack from Largest to Smallest

When it comes to blankets, you’ll want to make sure everything is organized on the shelf. The best linen closet organization in St. George is the order of stacking. You’ll want to fold all blankets in the same way and then stack from largest to smallest. This prevents a top-heavy pile that ends up falling over into something else. As you look for blankets you want, take other items out and replace them instead of trying to pull the bottom blanket from underneath the rest.

Get Storage Bins for Everything

You can prevent an overflow of items through the use of storage bins. You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on them. Use what you already have in the house, and look out for wire bins so that you can see all your items. This linen closet organization in St. George trick will help you make sure everything has a place. You then pull out the bin of the item you need, grab the one you want and put the bin back into place.

Put Bedsheets Into Sets

Isn’t it a nightmare when you have to find a duvet cover that works with a matching sheet set? What if you could have it all together? It’s time to start storing your bedsheets as a whole set. Not only does this make them easier to find, but you’ll create more space in your linen closet. Fold the fitted and top sheets and the duvet covers up with three of the pillow cases. Put them all into one pillow case and then store.

Linen closet organization in St. George is a must considering how small this space usually is. It’s time to be able to find everything you want with ease.

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