You’ve moved into a rental. While a lot of it is great, the closet space is lacking. You want to get custom closet design in St. George, but is that a good idea when you don’t own the house?

This is something that could be worth investing in. You don’t have to spend a lot, and there are certain tips that you should follow to make sure you get what you need for the length of time you’ll be there. Here’s how to make custom closet design work for you as you rent a property.

Consider How Long You’ll Be There

What sort of rental are you in? Is this only for the short term? Maybe you’re waiting for a house to be built, or you’re just waiting for the closing costs or looking out for the best place to live in a new area. There are high chances that you’re only planning on being in the rental for a year max. If that’s the case, custom closet design in St. George may not be worth it.

If you’re looking at more than two or three years, you’ll want to feel like the space is your own. You’ll want to add your own style, and make it easy to find everything that you need. You’ll benefit greatly from the custom design for your closet space.

Don’t Opt for Anything Permanent

Whether you’re there for a couple of years or you’re looking at making this a longer-term rental, you’ll want to avoid permanence with your closet design in St. George. While screwing cupboards into the wall is good for safety reasons, you don’t want anything that is built to only fit the space that you’re currently in.

You can take your closet with you when you move. Opt for drawers and cupboards that are easy to move out of the space. While the cupboards may not fit exactly the same way in the new closet, they could still fit well enough to make the most of them. You won’t feel like you’re losing out on the investment of this design.

Talk to Your Landlord

Depending on your landlord, you may get them to invest in the closet design in St. George. Maybe it’s a new landlord who is looking for a way to boost their investment. A closet that is made specifically for the space is a great way to do that. Encourage them to do more than a metal shelf and a hanging rail. Share how drawer space and shelving around the walls is going to be a good idea for them.

Not all landlords will go for this. If you move into a property owned by a corporation, they won’t care too much about the style of the closet. However, a smaller landlord may pay for the investment into their property.

Just because you rent doesn’t mean you can’t have a good closet space. You just need to think carefully about the closest design in St. George to make sure it’s just what you need.

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