Not everyone has a large closet. Trying to manage closet storage in Cedar City in a small space can be difficult. It just seems like there’s nothing you can do.

If you rent, it’s going to be harder. You need to work with any shelving that is already there in a lot of cases. If you own, you’ll have more opportunity to make the most of the small space. Here’s how to get the most out of small closets.

Double Up Your Hanging Space

Look out for hangers that have three or four rungs instead of just the one. This will allow you to put more onto your hangers in one area. You’ll double up your hanging space for good closet storage in Cedar City.

This is also great for keeping clothes for specific needs together. You may have multiple sets of jeans for casual use that you can put together on one hanger. It’s easy to grab and go. When it comes to your work pants, you can have them together on a separate hanger. You pull the one hanger out and have multiple choices to wear to work.

Get Rid of the Door

Depending on the location of your closet and the way it sits, you may find that closet storage in Cedar City is better without the door. This could give you a little extra room to work with where the door would usually swing open. You have that corner as well as the other corners in your room.

Use the space wisely. You’ll want to consider shelving that goes along that wall where the door used to sit. Don’t block any windows that are in the room to ensure good natural light to make the space look bigger than it is.

Put Your Shoes Somewhere Else

A lot of people use their closet storage in Cedar City for their shoes. It’s time to look at another part of the house for this. Maybe you have a bench by the front door that has space underneath it for shoes. Maybe you have a closet in the downstairs area for coats that will work for shoes too. Get benches and storage units to keep your shoes in good order.

This is going to end up being more practical, anyway. You have the shoes where you’re going to put them on instead of in another room on another level.

Use the Whole Wall

Don’t be afraid to get shelves that work all the way up to the ceiling. You want to make use of the entire wall space for closet storage in Cedar City. This ensures you can place all your shirts, bags, hats, and more.

Use dividers along all of your shelves. You want to keep your clothing neat and tidy, so it looks like you have a little more space. It will also be easier to find what you need.

It’s time to make the most of your small closet. The right closet storage in Cedar City will go a long way, especially if you can make some more permanent changes.

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