Your investment property needs a bit of a facelift. Now that you have it empty, it’s time to spend some money and fix the problems that were there. You’ll also want to do some of the more cosmetic changes. One of the things you’ll want to consider is adding a luxury walk-in-closet in St. George.

The property already comes with a closet. It’s on the small side, but it is a walk-in one. Right now, it’s just got a basic railing, or maybe you have a set of drawers. It’s time to upgrade it to something luxurious for tenants, and here’s why.

Rent Prices Can Be Increased

One of the benefits of adding luxurious items is the ability to boost the rent up a little. Right now, you may not quite be able to get market rent because of flaws in the building. If you add a luxury walk-in closet in St. George and do something other maintenance, you’ll get market rent and maybe a little more. People are willing to pay more for a place that they enjoy living in.

You’ll be able to make back the investment into the upgrades through rental prices. Then when the first tenants move out, you’ll be able to raise the rent a little bit again. You stand out from other places by having this luxury closet.

Make Things Easier for the Tenants

When tenants move, they may not necessarily have all the furniture for each of the rooms. Maybe they previously lived in a place with a luxury walk-in closet in St. George. If they don’t have that again, they’ll need to think about furniture to buy or they may be disappointed in losing something like that and decide to go with another property. This could have been the perfect tenant for you.

When you have the closet, you make things much easier for your tenants. They are able to just move in, and they’ll appreciate that.

Show Tenants You’re a Serious Landlord

There are a lot of landlords out there who do as little as possible. They forget that the property is their investment and leave items in disrepair complaining about their tenants or the rental price they chose. You can stand out from all of them with a luxury walk-in closet.

With the upgraded closet, you should that you care about the property. After all, this is an investment for you in the future. If you do ever come to sell the property, the walk-in closet is going to be a huge draw. You show to tenants that you are serious about the upkeep of the home, so if anything does happen, they know that you will ensure it’s fixed in a timely manner. It makes them feel more comfortable living there.

It’s time to do some upgrades on your home ready for the next tenant. Something to consider is a luxury walk-in closet in St. George. It’s going to make your home stand out from all the other rentals out there.

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