Ways to Balance Your Home & Closet Space 

Homeowners typically value the presence of excellent storage spaces, as they help keep their houses neat and free from random clutter. Not all storage spaces are created equal, however, as some closets and other storage options serve as more of an eyesore than something of use.  

Whether you want to harmonize your home and closet spaces or you simply need clever ideas to make up for your home’s lack of storage options, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for tips that’ll help you create a sense of balance between your home’s interior design and your closet space. 

How to Balance Your Home’s Storage Space 

Converting your storage areas from bland and basic cupboards to a structure that complements the flow of your home may take some work. It’ll be easier to spruce up existing closets than it will be to create new storage elements in most cases, but options are available in either situation.  

Let’s explore a few ideas you might want to implement, depending on which sort of closet space you’re working on. 

Bedroom Closets 

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Most of the time, the only people who are going to see the inside of your bedroom closet are yourself and whoever you share a bedroom with. Be that as it may, it’s important to keep closet spaces neat, even if no one else is going to rummage through them.  

If you have a particularly cluttered closet space, invest in storage bins, shelf separators, drawer separators, hooks, storage racks, shoe bins, and tiered hangers. By adding organizational elements to your bedroom closet, you can free up some space and create an area that’s got a place for everything with everything in its place. 

Balance Closet Bins.jpg

Let’s assume your bedroom is relatively small, and the closet door has become a problem when it comes to accessibility. While you could choose to work around the closet door, you also have the option of removing it entirely. Some open-closet designs can mesh quite well with a bedroom’s decor. If you’re not fond of this option, replacing the door with a space-saving option is worth considering. For example, you might switch a standard door for bifold doors, sliding doors, or even just a nice set of curtains that match your bedroom’s color scheme. 

Balance Closet barn door.jpg

Hall & Entry Closets 

Unless you regularly have people meeting in your room, your hall and entry closets are probably going to be the key focus in terms of creating balance in your home.  

If you have several free closet spaces in your home, you’ll first want to organize them. Decide what you’re going to store in which closet and then work on creating a neat setup. For example, if you have both an entryway closet and a hall closet, you might choose to have guests hang coats and the like in that one while your hall closet houses towels, linen, and other elements of your home.  

Much like the way your bedroom closet flows with the rest of the room, so too should the closets your houseguests are going to see.  

To enhance the way your closets accentuate your space, consider replacing the knobs with something that matches your home’s style. You might want to paint or even replace the closet door as well. To take the improvement ideas a little further, you could also try to double the functionality of your closet doors by installing a mirror on their surfaces, or using the doors to hold photo collages and various pieces of artwork. 

Optimizing Space Availability 

Reorganizing your closet space is all well and good, but what if you don’t have a lot of space to begin with? If your home lacks adequate closet space, you’ve still got options aside from letting clutter pile up in one designated area. 

Some closet space solutions involve having custom closets installed in what would otherwise be dead space. For example, lets say there is dead space in your living room that isn’t big enough to house furniture. If you’re not using the space for anything else, consider having a bookshelf or a series of cabinets installed there.  

Tailored Living_20221024_009.jpg

In another scenario, your home may lack closet space, but it might have an open area under your staircase that can be transformed into a storage area. You might also find that your walls and ceilings are significantly high, so in lieu of closets, you could opt to have overhead cabinetry installed for storage purposes. 

Balance under stair cabinets.jpg

Finally, hall trees or enryway built ins, can be added to most spaces as these installable storage options come in a variety of styles and sizes. 

Entryway and Mudroom-1a.jpg

Creating Cohesive Spaces 

You might be experiencing the same challenges that many other homeowners encounter after creating new storage areas at home. While these spaces serve the purpose of keeping various possessions out of the way, they can still feel like they don’t really belong where they are. If looking at your storage areas gives you the impression that a random bin or closet was randomly dropped into your home, there are a few things you can do to fix this. 


A big part of balancing your home and closet space involves incorporating your storage areas into the rest of your specific room’s design. You want your closets and storage containers to be a part of your home rather than a component that’s only functional. 

You could incorporate your storage spaces into your home design in several ways. For one, painting the closet or cabinet doors so that they match the color scheme of the room can help make the area look more “at home” in its space 

Additionally, you could replace the knobs or handles with pieces that fit the rest of your home’s aesthetic. It’s also worth trying to connect your closet and home by matching functional or decorative items. If, for example, you use a selection of wicker baskets to store things in various rooms, use the same type of baskets in your closets. 

If you are working with an open-closet design, make the space feel like it’s part of the house by adding lighting fixtures to illuminate the area. Since you’re making your storage space lighter and more noticeable, it’s also a good idea to match colors and materials with nearby furnishings. Assuming your coffee table is a glass sheet framed with rose gold metal, some element of your nearby closet should showcase rose gold metal and/or clear organizers. 

Your storage spaces (closets, bins, cabinets, etc.) don’t have to stick to a sheerly functional existence. By creating a sense of balance and fostering a smooth flow between your rooms, furnishings, and storage spaces, you can design rooms that are comfortable, cohesive, and functional.  

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