More good news. We are now an Amazon Associate! This means we can directly share our favorite chaos calming products for every room in your home, your garage, for travel, for back-to-school, and more. 

And since our last blog post was about how you should renovate your pantry this summer, we are providing you with links to our favorite pantry and kitchen products.

From space and sanity saving storage containers, to my favorite kitchen towels, to the most amazing ice maker that a client installed in their garage, all are linked below.

First, the amazing ice maker.

With Father’s Day around the corner, this makes a great gift.

These are my favorite kitchen storage containers. They make them for eggs, chips, and more. There are tall ones too. 

Calm the chaos of your out of control water bottle situation with this.

And the chaos of your plastic bags.

These kitchen towels are soft, absorbent, and beautiful.  

Clean up all pantry messes with this pretty - yes, pretty - cordless hand vac.

A dish drying rack you can roll up and store away? Yes, please. 

A truly one-size-fits-all sink colander.

And finally, for fun, my favorite attention-getting cookbook.

Happy shopping and let us know over on Facebook or Instagram what you get! 



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