Rid yourself of clutter fast.  Ever feel the freshness after tidying up? Your home mirrors your mindset.  Get rid of stuff that doesn’t align with your present self.  Old things are past chapters.  Broken ones are roadblocks.  Release them!


Living a clutter-free life isn’t just my goal for our clients, it’s a constant pursuit in my own life.  I’m always looking for new and different ways to streamline daily tasks and all their accoutrements.  So when I read about “The Core 4 Method” by Kayleen Kelly (she even has a free downloadable room guide!) on Apartment Therapy, I had to dig deeper.  Because my home does mirror my mindset, living in a clutter-free environment significantly impacts my well-being amidst the chaos of everyday life. In this week’s Chaos to Calm post, we'll explore the Core 4 Method and how it can help you transform your home office, closet, pantry, and laundry room into serene and customized spaces. Say goodbye to the chaos and embrace the calm of an organized home.

Understanding the Core 4 Method

The Core 4 Method is a simplified approach to decluttering that focuses on four simple steps — clear out, categorize, cut out, and contain. By applying these 4C’s, you can tackle any space in your house, and create a strong foundation for an organized home.  Here’s how to do it:

Clear Out
Pick a room and channel your inner Marie Kondo.  Pull everything out and spread it on a table or the floor so you can see it all. Discard any obvious trash (gum wrappers or old receipts) and then clean the space you’ve just emptied.  We like old t-shirts for rags and Simple Green for a gentle but effective cleaning product.

This step reminds me of when my son was a toddler and would be overwhelmed when it came time to pick up his toys.  I coached him to pick up and put away everything that was red; then anything that was round, and so on.  Sort your items into boxes or piles categorized by task (for a bathroom cabinet: toiletries, make up, first aid, medications, paper products such as cotton balls, swabs and tissue).  Set aside a trash can for discards, and a box for anything to be donated. 

Cut Out
This is the toughest step for me, and where for bigger jobs, a professional organizer is a great consideration because they’re not emotionally attached to your things.  Evaluate everything you’ve now touched and make the tough call on what you want to keep and what you don’t.  Utilize your trash bag and donation box liberally! This is also the time to return any errant items to their proper homes. 

Now your newly sorted boxes can find permanent homes.  Use fun baskets or colorful plastic bins – you could even color code if your heart so desires.  Be mindful not to overcrowd your new containers though – the goal here is to be able to see and use everything in it without playing Tetris.  Assign your sorted and labeled bins a new home for a neat and clutter-free system of storage, that will save you time and energy!

The Core 4 Method is pretty simple and straightforward.  It offers a practical approach to decluttering and creating calm and organized spaces in your home. By applying this method to your home office, closet, pantry, and laundry room, you can eliminate chaos and enjoy the benefits of an organized environment. Embrace the power of decluttering and customization and transform your home into a serene haven where every space serves a purpose.

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