Let’s face it. There is never a perfect time to renovate. I can’t even say there is a “great” or even “good” time. Even the smallest home improvement projects are inconvenient and messy. Now that I have been at this gig for a few years, I can say that the biggest reason people say no to booking a job with me is not money or even choosing a competitor. 


The main reason people say no is because it isn’t a convenient time. 


And while there are exceptions, the people who say to check back in a few months when it will magically be the “right time,” fall into one of two categories:


1. Those that want to wait until school is back in session, and

2. Those that want to wait until the kids are out of school for the summer.


Again, as someone who now has done plenty of renos during both 1 and 2, I am here to tell you 2 is better. So much better.


Another trend I noticed is that the most popular summertime renovations are pretty evenly split between the home office and the pantry (with laundryroom rounding out the top three.) 


The last thing I want to point out is that the people who undertake a home office or pantry redo during summer vacation are singing its praises by September. Their comments include that their family is more organized than ever, their work/life balance is improved, and they have more calm to their chaos overall. 


So if you are thinking of updating your pantry or home office this summer, here are the top reasons why you should.


You Have The Luxury Of Time

And when in life can you say that? Summer vacation brings with it a sense of freedom and flexibility. With longer daylight hours and fewer commitments, you have the opportunity to dedicate more time to your renovation projects. The time you normally take on school related tasks can be dedicated to the planning, decluttering, and reorganizing once the job is done. 

 Add in that even bosses take vacations and many offices go on summer hours. Your days can be filled with fun activities that get the whole fam out of the house during the messiest parts of a home office install or just relax at home relying on the backyard grill while the pantry gets a facelift. 

The summer months allow you the additional luxury of spreading out the upgrade over several weeks, rather than trying to get it all done in a few weekends or even a week-long Spring Break. This prevents unnecessary stress and ensures a successful transformation.


They Do Double Duty

These spaces often double as your Drop Zone, Mission Control, or Mess. If you are not sure what I am talking about, please check out this post. Redoing your home office makes your work from home life better and a well organized pantry is vital to the heart of the home. But if that space also functions as one of three “command centers,” your entire family will function better as a whole.


The right design helps your pantry become your Drop Zone or  transforms your home office into Mission Control. Just let us know your wish list of functionalities for either space and we can custom design a space tailored to your exact needs. Did I mention that the design consultation is always free?


You Can Get Away From The Mess


My biggest piece of advice if you are lucky enough to be able to do so: Send the kids to grandma or camp so it is only you and your spouse living through the chaos. And while you may not want to go on a true vacation during home improvement, you might be able to take advantage of friends who are and stay in their place, provided the timing works on all ends.


Additionally, besides becoming the grill master of your own backyard, the summertime is a great time to grab small, local bites and either eat them on their patio, your own patio, or pack up for a picnic at Zilker Park. 



Your Design Will Be Enlightened

The lighting is better in the summertime, so yes, that heading is a pun. #sorrynotsorry

Picking out your countertops, cabinetry, tile, flooring, and paint in natural light is key during any renovation. Summer is full of bright days to ensure you are making the right choice. 

 Other benefits include that you can open windows for better ventilation. Not to mention, Texas sweltering summertime temps speed up the paint drying process. A lot. Bonus -  There is less mess created in sunny weather compared to when it is rainy and muddy with a bunch of people entering and exiting the house.

Your Home Will Be Guest Ready This Holiday

From hosting Thanksgiving dinner to entertaining guests during the Christmas festivities, your home is pretty busy during the holidays. Having a well organized kitchen helps calm the chaos of these celebrations and a pantry is a key part of that. If your pantry is part of a larger kitchen remodel, redoing the entire space now will make it a better place to prepare treats and watch football come the fall and winter.


Back to the fact that these spaces often do double duty, a home office doubles as a guest room for many of my clients and a Murphy or wall bed allows the space to better function as either. 


Finally, longer days means more sunlight to get the job done. This can shorten the project’s overall duration.


You Have Time To Settle Back In

A renovation project can literally tear down a home, rearrange the furniture, empty rooms, and cover everything in a layer of dust. #realtalk #goodtimes

 You certainly will need enough time to get everything in place for your life to assume normalcy. Upgrading your home office or pantry during the summer allows you to not only settle back in, but relax and enjoy the improvements before the bustles and hustles of life resumes. You also have enough time to personalize the project and add some of those special, finishing touches to make it cozy for your family. Lastly, you will have extra hands to help as kids are on summer break.

 We love summer for many reasons, but a major one is that it adds value to the time spent outdoors. Barbecues and pool parties, lazy mornings and long hikes, there is no other time of the year quite like summer. Redoing your pantry or home office during summer vacation not only allows you to take advantage of this time of year, but it adds value to your indoors as well.

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