Have you ever taken a step back in a room and thought it might benefit from a set of built-in cabinets? You're not the only one! We often hear from clients that some of their spaces are cluttered and overrun with "stuff" from books to electronics and from knick knacks to photos. Why not turn the extra space you have (think vertically!) and add built-ins to those rooms? Our team of design experts work with many clients who want to change their space but can't visualize the "how to's" -- however, once partnered with us, the steps are clear and the results are beautiful AND functional. Read on to learn about the top three reasons you should add built-ins to your home: 

Extra Storage

If you've got piles of items around your family room TV, on the floor, side tables, or just tossed around, then it's high time you consider adding a set of built-ins to your room. Whether it houses your TV or not, adding customized storage solutions, such as we offer at The Tailored Closet, will provide you something that almost all of our clients desire: extra storage. Adding both cabinetry that can store items (and keep them hidden from view when not used!) as well as open shelving for displays of family photos or other items, is the perfect solution. Pro tip: consider glass shelves with puck lighting to add ambient lighting! 

Space Saving Solutions

Getting organized is typically a three step forward, two step back sort of process. We understand and can empathize! Many of our clients want to take the first step but are overwhelmed with the initial steps of becoming organized. However, with encouragement from our team, we know that our clients will reap the benefits of space saving built-ins for the duration of their time in their home. Adding built-ins allows for more open floor space, which alone brings a measure of calm to a room. And using vertical space for built-ins creates not only the space saving but creates a beautiful design aesthetic that can be personalized and customized for your home's overall look. 

Home Value Increase

It goes without saying that just about any improvements you make to your home will benefit you if you intend to sell your house. While bathrooms and kitchen upgrades rank high on the list of home improvement projects that homeowners take on, adding built-ins can also benefit you. With so many homeowners desperate for additional storage, built-ins are a beautiful and relatively easy way to add value to your rooms as well as beautify them. Our one suggestion: stick with neutral tones. You can always add your personal touches with art pieces, colorful furniture, and the like. 

If you're ready to take the first step towards adding storage, space saving solutions, and value to your home by adding built-ins, our team is ready to help you. Contact us today to take that first step on your journey with us at The Tailored Closet. 

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