Entryways are notorious for being cluttered. Anything that passes through the front door has the potential to add to the clutter, including shoes, boots, bags, hats, purses, keys, books, groceries, and more. Without a plan, chaos ensues. Add in the challenges that winter weather brings—mud, rain, snow, ice, drippy garments, and wet dogs—and it can get messy indeed! The Tailored Closet is here to offer ideas to help you keep your entryway user-friendly and functional all winter long:

Hooks for every eventuality

Not every hook is appropriate for every need. For example, hooks for keys don’t require the same sturdiness as hooks for coats or backpacks. Using the right hooks will help utilize your space wisely and ensure that everything is safely stored. So, whether it’s a DIY solution of independent hooks or an integrated entryway organization system, hooks can come to the rescue.

Control the clutter with baskets and bins

While hooks may alleviate the bulk of the clutter, there are many things that find their way into the entryway that hooks can’t help. Small items abound, like shopping bags, sports equipment, books, purses, laptops, umbrellas, sunglasses, coffee mugs, toys, and phones that can quickly get out of control. Implementing storage for small items using decorative baskets and bins keeps everything handy and organized so the entryway stays clean and neat.

Muddy boots and shoes, oh my!

The biggest offender of all is the footwear of winter. Muddy boots, shoes, and galoshes can bring an alarming amount of dirt and grime through the front door and into the rest of the house. The entryway is the perfect first line of defense to win the war on winter messes. Shoe cubbies can be stacked into a storage system to keep them dry and off the floor and create a separate space for dirty shoes and boots as soon as you walk in the door.

Have a seat, please

No matter how old you are, having a place to sit to take off your wet boots or shoes is very welcome. A bench can also serve as storage, including built-in drawers, underneath cubbies, or just provide space below to nestle storage baskets or line up shoes and boots. It can define your entryway, surrounded by other storage options like hooks, shelves, and cabinets, providing full service to all who enter.

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