Small home offices are not a new concept, but they have gained popularity as working from home has grown. Creating office workstations in small spaces takes focused creativity and design incorporating functionality, style, and ergonomic comfort. The right workspace can make all the difference, and The Tailored Closet can work with you to design the perfect small space office whether it’s for fulltime work, emailing and web surfing, or a shared family space for correspondence, homework, and virtual get-togethers. Here are some of our favorite ideas for 2024:

One wall, one great small office

Incorporating an office workstation into a bedroom, living room, or man cave by using one wall lets you keep the two purposes of the room separate. The office becomes an element of the room, but self-contained and not spilling over into the rest of the room. Create a unique little space with style and color all its own or coordinate with the rest of the room’s style. Incorporate filing cabinets and desk drawers with overhead cabinets or open shelves for a lighter touch. Thoughtful organization and storage will let you work to full capacity and tuck it all away later.

  • A balance of natural light and artificial light ensures proper lighting for comfort and efficiency in your integrated workspace.

  • Have sufficient technology at your desk, including a fast, wireless router and charging accessories so all your devices are fully powered.

  • Incorporate a standing desk as part of the design or opt for a portable one to change your work stance during the day.

Corners, nooks, and created office spaces

Where space is really at a premium, there are all kinds of tiny desk options that can create a workstation space. Many kitchens have nooks incorporated into countertops or at the ends of islands for computer use. Wall desks, either pull-down or floating, can turn any space into a desktop in a corner or a hallway alcove. Depending on the level of work you do, additional overhead shelves or drawer setups can be added. The Tailored Closet can create custom corner desk units in bedrooms or desk setups in kitchens, closets, pantries, or laundry rooms. We also have Murphy Bed desk designs that give the ultimate two-for-one space saving, perfect for studio apartments, lofts, and tiny home living. Both bed and desk fold away until needed.

  • Add floating shelves above a wall desk for storage as well as a decorative touch to soften the look or create a small library feel with favorite books on display.

  • Invest in the most comfortable chair you can find to make your tiny desk space big in comfort.

The ultimate purpose of an office is to get work done in the most efficient way possible. A comfortable, productivity-boosting home office will enable you to accomplish the most work in the least amount of time whether you're checking emails, leading virtual meetings, keeping your personal calendar organized, or collecting online recipes. Ready to change up a small space in your home? Contact us at 703.707.0009 or email us at today! 

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