Does it seem too early to be talking about design and color trends for the upcoming year? Not according to every major paint company, the majority of whom have already chosen their top color choices for 2024. And there is definitely a recurring theme: blues of all varieties, earthy greens with nods to natural tones, and to offset these bold choices, warm neutrals. The Tailored Closet is ready to embrace these color trends in our customizable cabinet selections with both main and accent colors as options.

Blue will be THE color for 2024. In North American cultures, blue is generally seen as a soothing, tranquil color and is often assumed to indicate trustworthiness when it’s related to a person (hence why politicians so often wear blue) or a business. One bold choice that has been highly popular with The Tailored Closet clients is our Mysterious color. Earthy greens are also a bold addition to the color trends for 2024 – Celadon is a tried and true green from The Tailored Closet’s color palette that is also a popular selection.  

Neutrals in 2024 will also be warming up.  Beige is back and will be a beautiful complement to the blues and earthy greens that are trending.  PPG’s color of the year, Limitless, is a perfect example of the warmth we’re starting to see. Warmer neutrals from The Tailored Closet include Willow, Ashen, and Free Spirit.

You can read more about colors of the year here. As always, The Tailored Closet is here to help you design a beautiful and customized space in your home to create the calm you envision. Contact our team at or at 703.707.0009.  

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