Oftentimes, pantries are a given as part of a kitchen, or, are an integral part of a kitchen remodel design. Small or large, however, almost everyone can agree that at one point or another, the pantry gets....disorganized, messy, crowded, and, let's be honest, a safe space for jars and bottles that have long remained in place beyond their expiration date. Fortunately, The Tailored Closet of Greater Washington, DC has honed the craft of designing pantries that accommodate the needs of the entire household as well as maximizing space to the point that pantry items all have a place. If you've been considering a pantry overhaul, it's time to toss the expired spices and reach out to our team of experts. Here are some ways that we've designed pantries to help create the functionality we all crave in the kitchen, the busiest place in your home: 

Maximizing Space 

Pantries are typically built into corners of kitchens or in a separate, adjoining space. No matter what, they aren't exactly roomy. Maximizing the space within the walls includes building cabinetry and storage solutions up to the ceiling (if you're short, you can fit a small step stool in the space!), better utilizing the corner spaces (Lazy Susan, anyone?), and having non-wire shelves for organization (nothing falls through the cracks [not even the expired can of beans from 2004]). All of The Tailored Closet's designs are customizable to fit the space you have, whether it's a coat closet size or a walk-in space. 

Fitting The Needs of the Homeowners (and their Furry Friends)

Kitchens are, as mentioned above, the busiest place in a home. With the comings and goings, and food being grabbed here and there from the pantry, it's easy to recognize that every client of ours has different needs. With space constraints, it's important to remember to be creative. For example, adding in a space in a pantry for the pet food and water bowls is a brilliant way to, again, maximize space, and also keep Fido or Kitty's items clean and out of the way. 

Lighting Leads The Way

Pantries tend to be an afterthought at times - but they shouldn't be. Customizing your pantry can lead to much better overall organization -- imagine finding foods to make for dinner without stress. Lighting adds another layer of calm to what could be a chaotic situation. Whether overhead, ambient,or under cabinet lights -- these options all provide you with the ability to find what you need in the pantry easier and faster. Functionality is key, especially with busy households. 

Slat Walls and Spice Racks

Using space effectively is part of our expertise, and we have some tips and tricks to help our clients out. Installing slatwall (typically found in our PremierGarage remodeled spaces) uses vertical space that isn't being used for cabinetry and storage. You can hang brooms, dustbins, shopping bags, etc. Also, have you ever tried to find the right spice at the right time if you're disorganized in your pantry? It's not fun! Our pull out spice racks come in either diagonal or vertical storage, making the best use of space and also providing ease while looking for the garlic powder. 

Designing a functional pantry is something that adults might never have thought was a lifelong dream when they were children. But if you've got items in your pantry that expired when you graduated from college, then it's time to revamp the space and give it a fresh expiration date, years in the future. Schedule your free in-home or virtual consultation with one of our expert consultants to get started on your journey from chaos to calm in your home. 

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