When life gets busy, sometimes it’s just easier to throw items in boxes or shove them on shelves. We’ve all been there! If you find yourself with a bit of free time this time of year, you might benefit from fixing some of these (quickly made, legitimate!) mistakes with some better organizational solutions. The Tailored Closet’s team of design experts share their top 5 ways that they would recommend updating the storage solutions in your home (and be able to maintain them for the long term):

Tip # 1: Use Narrow Spaces

A narrow space doesn’t need to be ignored. In fact, it can be used creatively to allow for storage of items that normally get put someplace they really don’t belong (think of your broom, put in the back of the hallway reach in closet!). Or, consider a tall, thin bookshelf – you can store books, games, and more where they can be easily seen and used.

Tip # 2: Think Vertically

Having items all over the floor not only creates a mess but can also be a safety hazard. We love The Tailored Closet mudroom storage options, for example, by a front door or coming in from a home’s garage. The organizational solution keeps everyone’s items in their place (be consistent!) and is also a good way to use the walls and higher space near your ceiling for storing items you might only need occasionally.

Tip # 3: Utilize Different Sizes of Storage Containers

In the case of storage containers, one size does not fit all! Our experts would recommend a variety of sizes for storage containers as well as a variety of custom shelves and drawers in any closet or built-in in your home. Imagine the same size container for towels as for Band Aids; this will not work!

Tip # 4: Consider Accessibility

If you share your home with at least one other person (or pet!), then you know that storage of their interests should be accessible to not only you but also them. Toys and games for kids should be stored at their eye level (but with child safety locks, as needed), while adult books and décor can and should be stored at a higher level.

Tip # 5: Rotate Seasonally

One of the best tips for better home storage? Rotate your clothes, shoes, and outwear seasonally. Not only will this help you stay organized all season long, but you can take the opportunity to weed out the clothing that you haven’t worn in a while and donate or toss.

There are so many ways to keep your home organized with not only these storage solutions but many others. Contact The Tailored Closet today to start your own home organization journey! Email us at greaterdc@tailoredcloset.com or call us at 703.707.0009.

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