Out of context, a “punch list” might be construed as something jarringly negative. Quite the contrary in terms of construction projects (or any type of project)! A punch list is an essential part of any construction project as it helps manage and set the road map for a project to be completed correctly. And while the name may be off-putting, it derives from the time when actual physical punches were used to check items off a paper list.

Today, most typically (thankfully), electronic punch lists are maintained by a project manager, but we also encourage our Tailored Closet clients to also keep a list of items, or, at the very least, be aware that the likelihood of a punch list at the end of a project is typical. Having a punch list doesn’t mean a project wasn’t managed well, it simply creates a running checklist so that a project can be wrapped up completely and that return visits for project corrections aren’t as necessary, saving time and money for all parties involved.

What’s On a Punch List?

Punch lists will often include anything that may have been accidentally damaged during a project, any items unaddressed in the original contract, or any incorrect installations. In terms of The Tailored Closet, a possibly punch list might include missing accessories or lights that were delayed in transit, for example. A good thing to remember is that sometimes punch list items are simply out of the control of our team! The goal of all our projects is to have as few items as possible on a punch list. 

What Are the Benefits of a Punch List?

There are multiple benefits to using a punch list, most importantly the following:

- It makes sure that everything in the project was done correctly.

- It saves money for all parties involved.

- It keeps all parties accountable – no surprises!

Managing a Punch List from the Start of Construction

So how do we at The Tailored Closet recommend managing a punch list? A few key ways our team keeps on top of the process include the following:

- Keeping a rolling punch list – if you see something, write it down! Clients know their homes better than we do, if something feels “off” or contradicts the contract, make a note, and, if possible, take photos.

- Creating an electronic punch list that can be shared between our team and you, the client. With full transparency and communication, no detail will be lost in translation.

- Monitoring the project with the contract and timeline set out by our Tailored Closet team on a regular basis.

- Preparing to work through what might be involved in finalizing all the items on a punch list. Human beings sometimes make mistakes – not intentionally!  

Yes, A Punch List is Part of Projects but It’s Normal!

Having a punch list on your Tailored Closet project is a normal part of the construction process. We encourage clients to maintain a punch list with the reassurance that our team will check everything off the list to complete a project fully. Our goal always is to bring calm to your chaos and to help our clients live a better life. A fully finished project is the goal of our team every time; extra accountability is simply one part of achieving that goal.

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