When you think of accessories, you likely think of jewelry, bags, scarves, belts, and ties. Coincidentally, when our Tailored Closet designers think of closet design and organization, they also think of accessories --- closet accessories, that is, and how they can be implemented into closet designs to create better functionality for our clients, so that getting ready and dressed each day is a seamless experience. Here are some of our favorite closet accessories:

Nested Jewelry Trays For All The Baubles

With the option of a single or double sliding tray, our Tailored Closet jewelry trays are a dream come true for our clients with a large collection of bling. Having customizable storage slots are incredibly helpful for keeping items organized and untangled, as well as give our clients the ability to see items quickly and easily. Bonus: the trays are lined in velvet to always keep your jewelry in safe condition.

Storage Drawers for Tie Organization

Closet drawers with storage slots for ties are such a space saver. Ties can be rolled up to save their shape but also to keep them well organized and, again, easy to grab and match with the outfit of the day. Additional storage slots can be used for cufflinks, tie clips, watches, and any other accessories.

Belt Racks To Save Space

Having belts hung up and visually at eye level is a good solution for organizational purposes. Not only can belts be hung up, but so can scarves, longer necklaces, and other items. We love the idea of being able to slide the racks in and out to save space and keep your closet as clean as possible once again.

Your accessories should never be an afterthought! They aren’t for us at The Tailored Closet. In fact, they are a front and center part of our design experience – even the smallest items need a spot. If you’re thinking about a closet overhaul, call us today at 703.707.0009 for a free in-home consultation to get started or email us at greaterdc@tailoredcloset.com

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