Back to school creates a dramatic shift from the lazy days of summer and waiting until the last minute to deal with the back-to-school shift is never a good plan. Think about school challenges you’ve endured in the past, like lost permission slips, overdue library books, misplaced homework, unwashed gym clothes, outgrown uniforms, broken laptops, and lunchbox battles. Instituting some changes now can help to eliminate that stress and chaos throughout the house. The Tailored Closet has innovative storage and organization solutions that can take the stress out of back to school, starting with custom closet organization systems designed with each unique user in mind.

PHOTO CAPTION: Kids of all ages will sail through the school year with a closet that is designed specifically for their needs

Abolish hide-and-seek closets with organized storage

Installing a custom closet storage system in your child’s closet will help them manage everything they need for the new school year. Capturing vertical space with built-in cabinets, shelves, and drawers that use every inch of space maximizes the closet for efficiency and accessibility. Age-appropriate design will accommodate clothes, sports uniforms, shoes, boots, backpacks, and purses, with a place for everything within easy reach.

  • An organized closet will eliminate random piles and messes throughout their room.
  • Find the perfect balance between what’s in the room (bookcases and toy storage) and what’s in the closet (clothes and accessories) to create a more functional living space for your child.
  • Neatly folded or on hangers, clothes will not be crumpled or have that “slept-in” look, making getting ready in the morning so much easier when everything is clean and ready to wear.
  • Eliminate wardrobe malfunctions such as lost shoes and, “Oops! Forgot to wash the gym clothes,” with closet accessories like shoe racks and a pullout hamper.
  • Hanging rods, hooks, shoe shelves, and pull-out drawers that they can reach will help to maintain control of shoes, boots, clothes, and accessories.
  • With space to put everything, a child is more inclined to be neat and organized, so clear out closet stuffers like old and outgrown items and only fill the closet with what is needed now.

Create designated homework stations

Neither kids nor parents like homework. It does seem to take up an inordinate amount of time in the evenings and on weekends, but it is a fact of school life and anything you can do to make it easier is a good thing. Whether homework is done right after school or put off until after dinner, having a regular place to work with sufficient workspace for books and laptops, storage, ample lighting, and limited distractions will make doing homework more efficient. The Tailored Closet can help you design custom desk setups for kids’ bedrooms or plan a dual-purpose home office with grownup workspace and homework space.

PHOTO CAPTION: Give your kids a real advantage with designated workspace to improve homework’s accuracy, efficiency, and speed

  • A desk in the child’s bedroom is ideal for keeping books, papers, pens, and work essentials handy so homework can be accomplished quickly.
  • Having a specific place for backpacks and other school necessities will help eliminate lost homework, permission slips, books, pens, notebooks, etc.
  • A custom home office design could accommodate multiple workstations for several users at the same time, in an atmosphere that’s designed for focus.
  • A corner of the dining room table can even be an effective homework station with storage close by in a cabinet or bookcase for storing paper, scissors, art supplies and resource books.
  • The family room can include desk space for homework, keeping the TV off until the homework’s complete.
  • Before bed, make a quick survey of homework and everything else that needs to be in the backpack for the next morning.

Custom pantry design makes life easier all year long

An organized pantry will make all the family’s eating easier, from getting dinner on the table quicker to having designated space for lunchbox items so the kids can make their own lunches. A well-stocked pantry and fridge is the best way to ensure everyone is eating healthy every day, especially when you can’t closely supervise. In the pantry, keep juice boxes, waters, healthy snacks, and fruits in full view with “easy-grab” bins and open shelves so the kids can help themselves. Refrigerated items like ice packs, Snackables, lunchmeats, veggies, and cheese sticks should be equally assessable to make packing a healthy lunch or grabbing a snack quick and easy.


*Updated 10/12/2022

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