Closets provide homeowners with the means to store clothes and other items out of the way so that these items don’t crowd the rest of the house. However, some interior designers underestimate just how many possessions a couple or family may have. As a result, closet spaces tend to lack the room needed to house everything that belongs tucked away.  

If your closet never seems to have enough space for your household’s possessions, you’re not alone. Plenty of residents in one area struggle to share closet space effectively. 

In this article, we’ll go over several tips you can follow in order to make more space in your closet, which will allow you and your housemates to create neat, designated spaces for each of your possessions. 

Sharing Closet Space 101 

If you share closet space with your partner or housemate, the organization and space utilization in this area can become a source of contention. It can be incredibly difficult to share a closet, especially when both parties own a significant amount of “stuff” they need to store in it.  

Fortunately, there are several things you can do in order to create clearly defined storage spaces for everyone who uses the closet. By optimizing the way you organize your closet, you and your housemate can effectively keep the peace and have enough room to store your belongings. 

Reduce Clutter 

First and foremost, closet spaces are often loaded with clutter. Because they’re “out of sight” places, it can be easy to make a habit out of tossing things into the closet and forgetting about them. A cluttered closet space is one of the biggest issues that make it seem like there isn’t enough space for both people’s belongings.  

Unless your closet is incredibly small and you and your partner both own a substantial number of items you’ve designated for this area, there’s a good chance that all of your stuff can fit harmoniously. 

To start setting up an organized closet to share with another person, remove everything from the area. Doing so enables you to not gauge the closet’s actual dimensions, but it provides you with an easy way to access everything you plan to store. 

Sort your housemate’s belongings into one pile and yours into another. Then, the two of you can then sort through everything you own, getting rid of things you don’t want, don’t wear, or don’t need. Once you cut down on the volume of things you own, you’ll require a bit less space in the closet. 

Create an Inventory 

When you’re done downsizing your closet items (donating or throwing away what you don’t need), sort what’s left into segments of closely related things. For example, you might want to note how many pairs of shoes you have, how many work uniforms you need to make a place for, or seasonal items you’ll want to store more efficiently.  

After creating an inventory and categorizing everything you want to store in your closet, you and your partner will have a better idea of how much space you’ll each need. 

From there, come to an agreement with the person you live with. You could choose to split the closet space 50/50, or if one of you owns fewer things, you might find that a 60/40 split works better. Use whichever arrangement you can to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the space they’re allotted.  

Optimizing Your Space 

When your closet is empty, it’ll be easier to plan out designated areas for all of your possessions. In addition, an empty closet simplifies the process of trying to determine the sizes of various organizational tools your closet space can reasonably accommodate.  

For example, if you have extensive shelf space but very little space for hanging items, it’ll give you an idea of the type of additions you’ll need to install in order to optimize the space you have available. 

Use Functional Organizational Accessories 

Functional organizational accessories are a lifesaver when it comes to sharing a closet. Using these options successfully is just a matter of deciding what you need and how you plan to accommodate that need.  

Let’s say you need to hang about 30 pieces of clothing in your closet, but the horizontal space you have available can only reasonably hold about 15 hangers. To work around this issue, try using tiered hangers. That way, you can utilize vertical space to make up for the lack of horizontal space.  

In another situation, you and your partner might struggle to keep your own items on one side of a shelf, which leads to everything melding into a single pile around the middle. To minimize this issue, consider using shelf dividers. Not only will they keep your possessions separate, but they’ll also help maintain neat stacks of clothing, boxes, and other items. Drawer dividers serve the same purpose if you have limited drawer space. 

Using wall hangers and bins can also help save space that shoes and bags would ordinarily take up. Plus, they’re easy to assemble and install.  

Rethink Bulky Items 

If your closet is full of bulky items like duvets or winter coats, it might be a good idea to consider storing them somewhere else. Keeping coats in your closet makes sense during the cold weather seasons, but if you’re not using these items, they’re taking up valuable space.  

By freeing up some of your closet space, you and your housemate or partner won’t have to battle it out for the limited space available to you. You’ll be able to organize what you own in a way that makes everything neat and accessible.  

Sharing a closet is hardly anyone’s idea of fun, but sometimes it can’t be helped. To make life easier for yourself and your family, take the above-mentioned steps to optimize your closet space and keep everything you own neat and well organized. Closet organizers, when used effectively, can transform the amount of space you have and keep the peace between yourself and those you share your closet with.  


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