Working from home, partially or full time, has been part of our culture for nearly a generation, especially since the advent of the internet. With the global pandemic, most workers were forced to shift to working full time from home – and, in doing so, realized that, for some, there was no dedicated office space for them to use and be successful without disruptions or distractions. And while today workers are returning to the corporate office, there are many who are still working from home in a hybrid arrangement or full time at home simply due to logistics or the nature of their position. A well-organized home office is key to successfully working from home, allowing for the same level of productivity as in an in-person office situation. The Tailored Closet of Greater Washington, D.C. understands what it means to design a home office that meets the needs of our clients in a functional manner while also creating individualized spaces that provide comfort, creativity, and collaboration.

Forces of Nature

Design trends for home offices have recently included the addition of more nature, including plants and greenery as well as tranquil and calming colors that evoke a calming environment. In fact, color trends for 2024 look to nature as well, focusing mainly on blues and greens. Why not level up your home office by bringing in some natural colors and plants?

Functionality & Flow

While a “typical” home office might be viewed as a place with a desk and chair, home offices of today are much more varied and personal. Our Tailored Closet clients request a multitude of unique solutions, including spots for “hiding” a printer and built-ins for displaying books and art. Functionality in a home office is more than about adding in cubbies or nooks – it’s about creating a space that works for each individual.

Creation Station

Some clients have a clear vision of how they want their home office to look – certain primary and secondary colors have soothing effects, while others are meant to awaken creativity and excitement. We love this home office that doubles as an art therapy room. Our client worked with our design team and a professional organizer to achieve her dream of providing Cricut therapy and running her business simultaneously.

If you’re working from home full time or even on a hybrid schedule, wouldn’t a dedicated home office space work wonders for your productivity? You can read more about trends and get creatively inspired by home office designs here. The Tailored Closet thrives on creating spaces that meet the vision and needs of our clients – home offices are just one way in which we do so and have for over 15 years. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free in-home consultation!

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