Whereas work from home was somewhat of a perk in recent years, it is quickly becoming the norm. This change has been primarily powered by two factors; technological advancements that facilitate communication and collaboration as well as the realization of the benefits it offers.

Organizations enjoy the increased productivity and cost reductions that remote teams offer. On your part, benefits include reduced commuting, comfy clothes, and a flexible schedule, among others. However, it does come with one challenge. You need to set an office that's suitable for your work needs while according you with the necessary comfort.

Setting up an office is not just about getting a desk and a computer. There are many things to consider. Do you need a built-in desk or a floating desk? Will regular cabinets work for you, or will you need custom office cabinets?

Built-in desk

What you need to consider when determining the size of a built-in desk

Though dimensions vary, on average, office desks span 60×30×30 inches (W×D×H). However, for maximum comfort, your in-built desk should be adequately suited for your needs. With the right desk, you will be able to make work less work.

Some of the things you should consider:

  • Available space- Based on the size of your office, how big of a desk can it accommodate?
  • Storage- Does it have the necessary cabinets or drawers to ensure supplies are within arm's reach?
  • Quality- For how long can you count on it to serve you?

1. Desk depth and width

Other key considerations to make are the depth and height of the in-built desk. Depth refers to the distance from the front side of the desk to the back. If you need multiple pieces of equipment such as a computer and printer, a desk with greater depth will serve you better.

Other than accommodating your equipment, the width and depth should be enough to afford you:

  • A reading and writing area- 20 inches
  • In-tray space- 12 inches

2. Desk height

Before having your in-built desk and custom office cabinets installed, determine the height that best works for you. Do you prefer working while sitting down, standing, or a little bit of both? By answering this question, you will know what best suits you.

If you like to switch between standing and sitting, you have two main options. Choosing an adjustable desk or a bar height desk and bar height chair. When you want to stand while working, you can get off the chair and do so without straining your back.

3. Chair Clearance

Another crucial element that contributes to the comfort of office space is chair clearance. This is the space available for the chair between the desk and the nearest obstruction. Chair clearance should be sufficient enough to allow you to enter and leave your workstation with ease.

At a minimum, it should be 23 inches for a normal-sized chair. However, if you plan on using a big office chair, make sure chair clearance is at least 30 inches.

Office chair clearance

What are your desk options?

There are different types of desks that you can use for your office. Knowing what each of them can offer will ensure your choice will best serve your needs.

1.  Built-in desks

As the name suggests, built-in desks are a type of desks that are fixed into a wall, appearing like an extension. One of the primary benefits of an in-built desk is that it is customized to suit your needs. Unlike buying a desk from a furniture store, the height, depth, and length will be based on your instruction.

Since a built-in desk relies on the wall for support, it will not have front legs. This will give you more room to maneuver and more usable space underneath. You can use that space for storing trash cans and other things that do not necessarily have to be on the desk, such as a paper shredder.

For a more convenient workstation, you can have custom office cabinets built around the desk. Such a setup will ensure that everything you need, from books to files, and supplies, is within reach.

2. Desk against a wall

For an office space meant for use by many people, placing desks against the wall can help free up space. Placing desks against opposite walls will leave space in the middle of the room, making it look and feel less congested. This space is also ideal if you like walking around when brainstorming.

3. Drafting board

Depending on your profession, you may also need a drafting board in addition to your office desk. These are adjustable tables where you can make a drawing or jot down ideas as you brainstorm. If you will need one, talk to our team to factor in the space requirements as you design the layout of the office.

They vary in size with the small ones 48 inches wide and 30 inches deep. The average size is between 60 and 72 inches wide and between 36 and 42 inches deep.

Creating an Ideal Office Space

Office space is essential to produce great work. You’ll be there for long hours, which is why it should be comfortable. Besides your work-related needs, there are other factors to consider. Key among them are lighting and colors.

Lighting can impact your concentration, thus affecting your productivity. On the other hand, colors are known to affect a person's mood. As such, you should ensure that your office has sufficient light, natural if possible, and the colors inspire productivity.

Tailored home office and storage solutions

Setting up a home office can be challenging. Fortunately, with the home office solutions offered by The Tailored Closet, you can be sure that you'll get what serves you best. In addition, we offer garage storage solutions as well and space-saving solutions for your house. Our Murphy bed for instance offers comfort while saving you space.

Whether you need custom cabinets, garage storage solutions, or a built-in office desk, The Tailored Closet is your go-to place. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.

*Updated 10/12/2022

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